Water is an important part of our lives. We require it to work, eat, and live. Therefore, a clean water supply is a major concern for everyone. Tap water cannot be fully relied on – water companies often use inefficient methods that either don’t completely purify the water or leave unwanted chemicals in it. One of the best ways to enjoy clean, chemical-free, safe water in your home is to install a water filtration system.

When choosing a water filter for your home, you need to consider theese points:

Convenience: The first thing you should decide upon is whether you want a single tap or faucet to be filtered or everything in your home to be filtered. Then, consider the other points.

Price: If you are on a budget, whole home water filtrations systems are most likely not for you. The system itself will cost $150-1500 dollars and the additional installation fee will be 100-300 dollars. Sometimes, whole home systems require expensive modifications to the plumbing system in your home. A faucet filter costs 30-100 dollars and effectively does the same thing as a whole home filter, just on a smaller scale and not as efficiently. If you are not on a budget, however, and would like your whole house’s water supply to be filtered, a whole home water filter is a probably a better choice.

Functionality: Both Faucet and Whole Home filtrations systems effectively remove chemicals, protozoa, viruses, and bacteria, though whole home filters may do a slightly better job at doing so. Whole-home water filters also soften the taste of water, something a faucet filter might not do.

Upkeep: Do you mind replacing filters often? If you do, then a whole-home water filter may be better for you.

After considering these points, make a decision. If you are not on a low budget and would like your whole home to be filtered, then you should choose a whole-home water filter. If you are on a budget, want a specific faucet or tap filtered, and don’t mind changing filters often, then a faucet filter is right for you. ...