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Ищу удаленную работу реверс инженером.


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  • Ищу удаленную работу реверс инженером.

    Я профессиональный реверс инженер, работаю с поверхностями в CATIA v5.
    Прошёл обучение трёхмерному сканированию, работе с лазерными и проекционными оптическими сканерами zcorp и breudman.

    Работаю с stl моделями и делаю из них NURBS модели.

    Предлагаю свои услуги дистанционно для работодателей из Канады.

    Оплата 3 доллара в час.

    Говорю на английском.

    Моб. +7 964 712 74 59

    Sergey Smeyan
    Address: Moscow
    Tel.: +7 964 712 74 59

    Objective: to secure a CATIA v5 reverse Engineer position.

    • Over six years experience as a Mechanical design engineer
    • Composite technologies (3 years )
    • CATIA v5 experience (5 years)
    • Solid works experience (2 years )
    • ENOVIA LCA PDM experience (6 months )
    • SmarTeam PDM experience (2 years )
    • Surface modeling (2 years )
    • Injection molding technology (1 year )
    • 3D scanning (1 year )
    • Rapid prototyping (1 year )
    • Cryogenic technologies (2 years )
    • Geometrical inspection of parts (1 year )
    • Reverse engineering (1 year )
    • Medical Engineering (1 year )

    Work Experience

    Corporation Airbus. April 2014 to December 2014

    Checked engineering documents and drawnings.

    Contracts positions and freelance December 2009 to April 2013

    Mechanical design engineer

    Participated in projects including industrial design of glass and plastic bottles, plastic tableware, canisters. Designed industrial tools for shaping of composite parts made of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic and fiber glass. I used CATIA v5 modules for design, surface modeling and reverse engineering purposes: GSD, Part design, Free style, Imagine & shape, Digitized shape editor, Assembly design, Photo Studio.

    Cybercom ltd July 2008 to December 2009
    Reverse engineer

    I was responsible for reverse engineering of parts with complex shape, industrial design and surface modeling. Used modules of CATIA v5: GSD, Part design, Free style, Imagine & shape, Digitized shape editor, Assembly design, Photo Studio and RapidForm XOR2. Optimized 3D scanning models using Magics and CATIA v5 software for reverse engineering and rapid prototyping technologies. Compared points clouds, STL models and CAD models for non-contact inspection of complex shape в employing RapidFormXOV software. Implemented industrial design projects on the base of plasticine modeling and 2D sketches. Participated in project in the sphere of implantology and medical engineering using Mimics and Magics software.

    Finished training:

    - Magics for Rapid Prototyping and Mimics for Medical engineering (24 credit hours). Materialise company. Kiev, Ukraine.
    - RapidForm XOV2 for reverse engineering, RapidForm XOR2 for manufacturing geometrical inspection (40 credit hours). INUS Technology. Eschborn. Germany

    Siemens VDO engineering August 2007 to March 2008
    Mechanical design engineer

    Designed mechanical parts of instrument clusters for automotive market and 3D RP layout of instrument clusters. Injection molding was the main manufacturing technology. Was responsible for technical support of sales office and technical communication between engineering departments of Siemens VDO Company located in Russia and in Germany. Accounted the cost price of new products. Selected materials for design needs.

    Finished training:

    - LCD indicators (20 credit hours). Varitronix Company. Germany;
    - Injection molding (52 credit hours). Siemens VDO Company. Germany

    JSC Cryogenmash November 2005 to July 2007
    Mechanical design engineer

    Designed liquid hydrogen storage system for the European project in the field of hydrogen power with volume of 250 m3 using following modules of CATIA v5: GSD, Part design, Drafting, Assembly design, Material library, Catalog editor, Piping design, Welding design, Arrange equipment and SmarTeam PDM environment. Designed hydrogen storage system according AD2000 and PED 97/23 requirements, DIN standards system. In the projects I used processes for welding austenitic stainless steel and carbon steel: shielded arc welding, gas arc welding, submerged arc welding.
    Created CATIA v5 catalogs of the borrowed parts and assemblies. Designed composite fiber glass supports of cryogenic vessel. Created assembly and layout drawings using CATIA v5 technology. Created and developed CATIA v5 skeleton models (relation design methodology). Used CAD: AutoCAD, CATIA v5; PDM: SmarTeam.

    Finished training:

    - PDM SmarTeam (20 credit hours). JSC Cryogenmash. Russia
    - MS Project (10 credit hours). JSC Cryogenmash. Russia

    Moscow Boeing Design center March 2005 to November 2005

    Mechanical design engineer

    Designed parts of technical ventilation system of the electric equipment for Boeing Dream Liner 787 airplane. Carried out preliminary stress analysis calculations of parts. Used CATIA v5 modules: GSD, Part Design, Assemble design, knowledge adviser, Generative structure analysis, Sheetmetal design, Functional tolerancing and annotations, Human activity analysis and used ENOVIA LCA PDM system.

    Finished training:

    - CAD/CAM/CAE CATIA v5 (credit 520 hours), including one week CATIA v5 base training, 2 month CATIA v5 fuselage Boeing 787 structure job training, one week CATIA v5 PMI (Product and manufacturing information) training. Boeing Company, Russia;
    - Stress analysis and design of carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer and fiber glass structures (40 credit hours). Boeing design center. Russia;
    - Boeing 777 pipeline system job training (150 credit hours). Boeing design center. Russia
    - Creation of drawings according ASME standards system (40 credit hours). Boeing design center. Russia;
    - ENOVIA v5 PDM system. Product definition release package, basic and advanced concepts (40 credit hours), Dassaut systemes company. Russia;
    - Aircraft building (40 credit hours). Boeing design center. Russia

    Fiberglass technologies and structures August 2003 to August 2005

    Mechanical design engineer

    Designed fiberglass body of the monorail train and elements of the interior. Designed composite parts of anti-ice system for stations of the monorail road. Design industrial tools for shaping of composite materials. Used CAD: AutoCAD, Solid Works


    Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering
    Moscow university of environmental engineering
    1996 to 2000

    Technician degree in mechanical engineering
    Moscow automobile College
    1992 to 1995

    Master degree in Mechanical engineering
    Moscow university of environmental engineering
    2000 to 2002 (the dissertation has not been written yet)


    - 2008 TeamCenter PDM, ZAO Aviation Consulting techno. Russia. Moscow
    - CAD/CAM/CAE CATIA v5, CERN. Switzerland. Geneva

    Реверс инжиниринг ручного инструмента Bosch.

    Делал в CATIA v5, потратил пять рабочих дней.

    Почему так много? Потому что там нет симметрии у левой и правой половины, все пришлось делать руками. И там очень много мелких деталей.

    И еще на скане было много дырок, что затруднило работу.

    Вот скриншоты такого места:

    Что касается авторских прав - тут все чисто, так как эта работа былда выполнена не для копирования инструмента, а для наполнения сайта интернет магазина по продаже инструмента. Там нужно было делать высококачественный рендеринг инструмента, для этого и делался реверс инжиниринг.

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    Re: Ищу удаленную работу реверс инженером.

    3 в час ? круто. мы платим 12 за автокад, 15 за ревит.


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      Re: Ищу удаленную работу реверс инженером.

      Originally posted by dhjkolgghh
      Бог Катя? Ты уверен, что тебя не "ре-инженернули"?