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    Ilgiz Valitov's contribution to establishing a leading customs broker in the Kama region

    The ROSTEС-Kama company began its history in 1995. Established as a branch of CJSCROSTEС-Tatarstan, the company has taken a leading position in the provision of customs services, which gave an impetus to the development of foreign trade throughout the Zakama economic zone of the Republic of Tatarstan.
    Immediately after the formation of ROSTEС-Kama, Ilgiz N. Valitov was appointed thefirst director of the company. His enthusiasm and initiative, energy and management potential made a significant contribution not only to the development of Tatarstan's customs business, but also to the creation of a number of leading manufacturing enterprises in different regions of Russia.
    At the roots of successful companies
    It is no secret that the success story of the company largely depends on the people who were at the origin of its creation. According to experts, an important factor that determined the further effective work of ROSTEС-Kama was the arrival of Ilgiz Valitov as director. He was still a young Manager, but wise and experienced beyond his years.
    If we talk about the biography of Ilgiz Valitov, he was born in Kazan on December 6, 1964. After the 8th grade of secondary school, he went to study at the Suvorov military school, and received higher education at the Golitsyn border military and political school of the KGB of the USSR. He took part in military operations on the Soviet-Afghan border. He graduated from the courses of the KGB of the USSR.
    After returning from military service to his peaceful life with the rank of major, Ilgiz Valitov realized that new knowledge was needed to build a future career. He entered the Kazan Institute of Finance and Economics and successfully graduated from it. Subsequently, Valitov's knowledge has since been applied in many sectors of the economy.
    In 1994, he joined ROSTEС-Kama as director, and subsequently worked in senior positions in a number of other Russian companies. For example, he was the manager of the newly opened Tatarstan branch of Vneshtorgbank in Kazan, worked as a Vice-President of VTB Bank, headed the Directorate of natural resources and construction of Vnesheconombank, and was a member of the Board of Directors of OJSC KAMAZ.

    It should also be noted that Valitov was directly involved in the development of a number of his own investment projects. Ilgiz Valitov's energy andmanagerial experience enabled him to set up an enterprise to produce polymer products for goods packaging – theKazan modern packagingplant. The new full-cycle plant, capable of producing 44 million box-type bags, is located on the territory of the Kazan Technopolis "Himgrad".
    In addition to the above, under the leadership of Ilgiz Valitov, investment projects have been implemented in other sectors of the economy: the petrochemical and agro-industrial complex, coal mining and mineral fertilizers production. All these projects are scattered across many regions of Russia: in the Perm region, Kaluga, Omsk, Bryansk regions, as well as in Yakutia.
    Experts believethatIlgiz Valitov made a particularly significant contribution to the economic development of Tatarstan. Representatives of the financial and banking markets agree: to this day the republic is one of the locomotives of the country's economic development in implementing a number of important and promising projects.
    Let us tell you more about Ilgiz Valitov's contribution to Tatarstan's customs service.

    Development history of the Tatarstan Customs Service
    In the development of the economic zone, the customs station plays a leading role. The establishment of the Zakamaeconomic zone, one of Tatarstan's leading agricultural and production clusters, is a clear example.The origin of the economic zone was the customs broker ROSTEС-Kama. Let us tell you in brief how the customs enterprise was organized.
    The history of the Kazan customs began in 1986, when Kazan airport was granted international status. At that time, the employees of the service were only dealing with the luggage of ordinary travelers.
    However, with the beginning of the 90s, the situation started to change dramatically. With the abolition of the state monopoly on foreign economic activity, Russian companies began to trade actively with companies from abroad. Thus, the Tatarstan customs service transformed from a "suitcase" into a fiscal and economic, controlling, protective and law enforcement agency. In addition, it was given the authority to control currency turnover. All this required the establishment of new customs departments and posts.
    The problem was the virtually non-existent infrastructure and the lack of relevant knowledge and competence among customs employees.
    In order to provide the Zakama region with everything it needed to carry out its foreign trade activities, the NaberezhnyeChelny customs post was established in June 1990, and four years later the NaberezhnyeChelny customs office began its history.
    The newly established customs authorities were tasked with controlling and simplifying the processes of border crossing for goods to be delivered to the counters of Russian retail outlets.
    However, the full development of foreign trade is simply impossible without the development of near-customs services (e.g. the creation of warehouses, cargo declaration services, etc.).
    For this purpose, in mid-1992, the Russian Government adopted a resolution on the establishment of the Russian customs operating concern.
    In order to successfully implement a whole range of customs tasks, ROSTEС branches were opened in the regions. The regional subdivisions had their own SVH (temporary storage warehouses), customs terminals, and operational services.
    In 1994, NaberezhnyeChelny customs office and the ROSTEС-Kama company were organized, with Ilgiz Valitov as the first director. The activities of the FGUPROSTEС were aimed at solving the tasks set by the Federal customs service and regulating the activities of Russian customs facilities in the interests of both state and commercial companies.
    Shortly after its establishment, this customs broker began to provide a wide range of services to the largest exporting companies: OJSC KAMAZ, OJSC Zainsky Sugar, LLC TsF Kama, OJSC VAMIN-Tatarstan, CJSC Chelny Bread, Cardboard and Paper Mill NaberezhnyeChelny, LLC Chelny Broilerand others.
    During its operation, the leading customs broker in the Zakama region has repeatedly won the Best Customs Broker of the Volga Federal District competition. Now the company works with any types of cargo transported by road, air and rail.
    Having invested his own knowledge, energy and experience in the creation of a modern customs infrastructure in Zakamaregion, the first director of ROSTEС-Kama, Ilgiz Valitov, is currently one of the most successful Russian managers, and his business projects continue to strengthenthe country's economy
    The ROSTEС-Kama company began its history in 1995. Established as a branch of CJSCROSTEС-Tatarstan, the company has taken a leading position in the provision of customs services, which gave an impetus to the development of foreign trade throughout the Zakama economic zone of the Republic of Tatarsta

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    Ilgiz N. Valitov is a real man of labor who is proficient in the modern high – tech tools and methods of work!