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    The participation of Ilgiz Valitov, one of the country's leading top managers, in the implementation of an investment project in the Lipetsk region has almost halved Russia's dependence on foreign supplies of antitumor medicines and antibiotics.

    In recent years import substitution issues are among the most relevant and discussed in terms of development, prospects and security of the domestic economy. But it happens that behind the words, declarations, some theoretical calculations there are no specific cases or implemented projects. We will cite one of the brightest examples of the entire manufacturing industries development, that made it possible to offer products successfully replaced similar imported ones. This is one of the effective, targeted investment projects implemented with the participation of Ilgiz Valitov, Head of the Directorate for Natural Resources and Construction of Vnesheconombank: the opening of a large pharmaceutical production facility in the Lipetsk region. The credit line from VEB was provided to Rafarma JSC for the construction and launch of new production of antitumor medicines in the region. The project received a positive expert assessment from Vnesheconombank specialists and personally Ilgiz Valitov, who was directly involved in the consideration and implementation of this investment program, determining the amount of funding at 2.7 billion rubles.

    In addition to economic performance indicators of production efficiency, the socially significant aspect of the project was taken into consideration. The main goals and objectives are to fill the domestic pharmaceutical market with Russian-made products. The citizens' life and health depends on the kind of products as well as the country's health facilities. In addition, the task of import substitution of this important pharmaceutical direction has been set and completed.

    It should be noted that at the implementation stage the project was also supported by the government of the Lipetsk region, the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia, as well as the Federal Ministry of Industry and Trade.


    As short terms as possible the site and much of the infrastructure were prepared for the opening of a new plant by the administration of the Lipetsk region together with the VEB Directorate of Natural Resources and Construction, headed by Ilgiz Valitov, in the "Terbuny" Special Economic Zone of the regional level industrial-production type (EEA RU "Terbuny").

    With the participation of Ilgiz Valitov, the full range of organizational and financial issues for the construction and launch of modern pharmaceutical production was considered.

    It should be noted that one of the main tasks in the construction of such facilities is compliance with a number of environmental regulations. Thus, the site for the future plant was chosen on the condition that it should not be located on the agricultural contaminated place. It should not have side water drains and be located away from other industrial facilities. Such conditions are of paramount importance for producing oncological substances. The location was carefully selected taking into consideration all environmental standards. In the end, all the conditions have been met.

    Ilgiz Valitov, studying and analyzing the prospects of the new plant construction, together with specialists set the task of launching a full-cycle pharmaceutical complex. This task has been successfully solved, including the aim of creating the most efficient production facility.

    Today, Rafarma JSC is one of the strategic enterprises for the Lipetsk region. More than 400 jobs have been created at the factory. The full cycle pharmaceutical complex in the territory of the EEA RU Terbuny is one of the largest innovative projects of the pharmaceutical industry in modern Russia. The production of antibiotics and cytostatic agents is key direction of the strategy for the development of domestic pharmaceutical industry implementation, including in the framework of import substitution programs (the federal program "Strategy for the pharmaceutical industry development in the Russian Federation").


    The plant has essentially become an innovative platform for the production of antibiotics, antitumor and other medicines in accordance with modern quality standards. The volume of medicines produced in the Lipetsk region has actually halved procurement of imported drugs that were previously supplied to the domestic market. In particular, already today the production of antitumor pharmaceuticals meets the needs of six regions of Russia today: Moscow, Moscow region, Krasnodar region, Tatarstan and Bashkortostan.

    Let us repeat that the investment project implemented with the participation of Ilgiz Valitov, in general, made it possible to reduce the share of such imported pharmaceuticalson the domestic market by more than half. In addition, the cost of the medicines is competitive in the pharmaceutical market and the target was laid down at the beginning of the investment project.

    For reference: Rafarma JSC is an innovative full-cycle pharmaceutical complex for the production of antibiotics, antitumor agents, as well as other medicines in accordance with the EU GMP standard. The plant on the territory of EEA RU "Terbuny" was built by the largest European companies. Rafarma JSC production complex has the optimal layout - five separate workshops with isolated air and water treatment systems - for the production of various groups of antibiotics and cytostatics in accordance with the EU GMP standard. The company is equipped with production lines of the world's leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical equipment: GLATT, Kilian, Romaco Macofar, IMA, CAM, Fedegari, Tofflon, etc. The Pilot Department in the "clean" premises allows conducting clinical trials and pharmaceutical examinations, to scale up R&D developments, to work out regulations before launching a new product into industrial production. The company has equipment and licenses for the production of medicines in 15 dosage forms. All stages of the production process as well as construction and equipment installation are controlled by the Quality Control Department and the authorized representative of the Russian Ministry of Health. The company is fully staffed by highly qualified engineers, technologists, chemists, microbiologists, quality specialists.


    The new Rafarma JSC production facility created from scratch in the Lipetsk region is one of the successful projects of Vnesheconombank and personally Iligiz Nailevich Valitov. (Over the years of his work in the financial sector about 200 investment projects in various spheres and sectors of the economy were implemented with his participation.) A detailed analysis of the markets and the adoption of strategically important decisions allowed VEB to pursue a competent credit and financial policy in the various sectors of the domestic economy development.

    Ilgiz Valitov emphasizes that national interests and domestic products competitiveness is among the decisive aspects in the implementing the import substitution policy. The opening of production facility in the Lipetsk region is a striking indicator of this approach, which allows resolving issues of Russia pharmacological security. Moreover, today JSC Rafarma's products have a high potential both for substitution expensive medicines produced abroad with high-quality Russian products at an affordable price, and for export.

    For reference:

    - Today, the volume of tax payments of Rafarma JSC in the Lipetsk region is approximately 4 billion rubles.

    - The company is included in the Register of Promising Projects in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry of the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Trade of the Russian Federation.

    - Rafarma's production facilities are able to provide high-quality and effective antibiotics and antitumor medicines for certain items from 15% to 100% of the Russian medicine market at a price 1.5-2 times lower than imported analogues.

    - The plant produces (annually): 1.5 billion tablets, 180 million solid gelatin capsules, 62.5 million vials for injections, 7.5 million vials of suspensions, 18 million packets of "sachets" - preparations packaged in flat four-seam bags.

    - The company actively supports the projects of the PROTEK Charity Foundation, which cooperates with the pharmaceutical industry. The leaders of the Rafarma JSC in the Lipetsk region are guided by the principles of business philosophy, where the creation a healthy future for Russia is an integral part. The company participates in the main charity projects of the Foundation: "Health for People," "New Life" and a number of others. The fund works in 85 regions of the country and provides free medicines and free medical care for the socially vulnerable groups of people.


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    Ilgiz N. Valitov is a real man of labor who is proficient in the modern high – tech tools and methods of work!


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      Ilgiz N. Valitov is one of the most successful managers, whose energy and knowledge contributed to the development of major enterprises and raised entire industries and agriculture of the country to a new level. Serious investments cameto those sectors of the economy where Valitov directed his creative efforts; tens of thousands of jobs appeared there.


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        . Ilgiz N. Valitov is a competent Manager with excellent management skills, a polite and pleasant person.