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Тракинговая компания DOFT объявляет о выходе на ICO.


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  • Тракинговая компания DOFT объявляет о выходе на ICO.

    Welcome to the new era of trucking with DOFT.

    Doft – a new uber of trucking is announcing $50M ICO.
    The $5M pre-sale starts late September.
    DOFTCOIN Is coming soon!

    Who we are?
    Doft team is the group of highly competent IT professionals and Logistics specialists with more than total 50 years of expertise in IT and 100 years in Trucking.
    Doft Platform is the innovative trucking platform serving shippers and truckers all over the US. It covers all the needs of the transportation market now. Today we have more than 7000 driver, who get access to more than 150k loads per day.

    So why did we decide to launch our own cryptocurrency?
    The answer is easy – the future of transportation belongs to it.
    The DOFTCOIN is going to become a gold standard for transportation oriented transactions because:
    • All transactions almost immediate! Usually it takes at least 1 bank day to receive payment. DOFTCOIN will be able to provide almost immediate transactions.
    • It is scalable! No matter whether you are in the USA or in Mexico or even in Australia – the cost of shipment based on DOFTCOINS will not depend on your state’s currency value.
    • The DOFTCOIN can become a universal paying method for our service.
    • The transactions are anonymous.

    At pre-sale round we deliver 10% of DOFTCOINS and we are going to raise $5M in either BTC, ETH or LTC.

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    total 50 years of expertise in IT это чего за бред?


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      Это если в сумме на всех айтишников в команде)))


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        DOFT запустили лоуд борд


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          There are good benefits of recommending Doft ICO to your friends. You will receive 5% of all Doftcoins (DFC) your referees have purchased.
          For example if your referee purchases 10,000 DFC, you will receive 500 DFC to your Ethereum wallet.

          To participate in this referral program, you will need a Referral ID. If you don’t have one, you can create one for free below.

          Referees can be obtained by promoting Doft ICO via all channels which you have access to using your Referral ID, such as:

          Social Networks – by sharing the news
          Blogs – by publishing press releases
          Forums – by making posts
          Friends – by sharing the info


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            Менее суток остается до начала предварительных продаж нового токена от компании Doft!