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    Re: It's all about AIR FORCE

    Если коротко, то - никак. Более развернутый ответ в


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      Re: It's all about AIR FORCE

      Сегодня зашёл в чат Air Force и задал пару вопросов оператору, вот диалог:

      Please wait for a site operator to respond.
      Hello, this is'Jim', what can I do for you?
      Ilia Timonin: Hello! My name is Ilia, I am from Russia, now I live in the US, I have a green-card, I want to be a pilot of Air Force.
      Jim: You have to be a US Citizen to apply for pilot slots
      Ilia Timonin: I am a permanent resident
      Jim: To be an Officer in the AF you have to be a US Citizen or Naturalized Citizen
      Ilia Timonin: Take a look please here Joining the Air Force: Officer Overview -
      Ilia Timonin: step 2
      Ilia Timonin: there is a permanent resident is OK
      Ilia Timonin: Plus I have a bachelor degree
      Ilia Timonin: I am 29 years old

      Jim: That is incorrect and is supposed to state Naturalized or US Citizen
      Ilia Timonin: It's very sad
      Ilia Timonin: I thought I fit
      Ilia Timonin: I have an Aerospace Degree

      Jim: Here are the steps for qualifying and applying for Air Fore Officer Training School (OTS).
      Jim: 1. OTS Qualifications
      Jim: Be a graduate of a regionally accredited college or college senior
      Jim: Be a U.S. Citizen at least 18 years of age and commissioned prior to age 35
      Jim: Be in good physical health (Must pass a commissioning physical)
      Jim: Be of good moral character (Law, drugs, credit, dependency)
      Jim: A minimum of a 3.0 GPA is required for Technical & Non-Technical (Non-Rated) Careers
      Jim: A minimum of a 2.5 GPA for Flight (Rated) Careers
      Jim: 2. OTS Application
      Jim: Take the AFOQT - AF Officer Qualifying Test AFOQT - Questions, Study Guides, Practice Tests
      Jim: Take & pass the commissioning physical (MEPS Station)
      Jim: Complete an interview with an Air Force Officer
      Jim: Submit application by due date our next Selection Board for Rated (Pilot, Combat Systems Officer , Air Battle Manager) is 26 Sep 2013.
      Jim: Technical & Non-Technical Board 26 Sep 2013.
      Jim: 3. Selection Process
      Jim: A board of senior Air Force officers at Headquarters Air Force Recruiting Service will review your application. Selection is competitive and based on your desires, qualifications (such as aeronautical ratings, type bachelors or masters degree, or civilian or military specialty skills), and specific Air Force manpower needs. Each applicant is evaluated for character, academic accomplishments, community service, and leadership potential. As part of the selection process, board members review both objective and subjective factors. Objectively, the board considers each applicants academic discipline, and AFOQT scores. Subjectively, board members evaluated work experience, accomplishments, adaptability, character, leadership ability, potential for future growth, and other recommendations. For active duty enlisted members, performance reports and commanders recommendations are also evaluated. A minimum of three AF Colonels reviews every application. The selection process is similar to an AF Officer Promotion board. Key to the entire process is that no single factor leads to an individual’s selection.
      Jim: 4. OTS
      Jim: OTS is 9 1/2 weeks in duration at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama.
      Jim: OTS Incoming student page: Welcome to Holm Center
      Jim: Please contact your local Air Force recruiter for qualifications and program updates. Here is the locator to help find a recruiter near you – Contact Us: Find a Recruiter -
      Ilia Timonin: Thank you Jim
      Jim: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.
      Ilia Timonin: So please fix info on this page about AF Officer requirements Joining the Air Force: Officer Overview -
      Jim: It has been reported
      Jim: Thank you for visiting and our Live chat. Best wishes.
      Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.