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  • Обсуждаем резюме - Digital Photography Technician


    I am seeking a challenging position in Digital Photography Technician, Photoshop-Photo Editor, Graphic Designer with opportunities for career growth.

    My Portfolio: /links.../



    - Able to learn new skills quickly. Able to work effectively in group situations or individually.

    - Creation, administration, development a design and promotion of websites.

    - Color correcting, printing, retouching, page designing, album design and layout of wedding and event albums at a sophisticated level.

    - Installation and adjustment Windows 98, XP , MS Office, etc.

    Programming Languages and Tools: Apache, PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, Visual C++, Pascal.

    Applications: Photoshop 4.0-CS, 3D MAX, AutoCAD, MS Office

    Operating Systems: Windows 9x, Windows XP.


    IBM PC

    Impact/Inkjet/Laser Printers

    Scanners/Digital cameras


    1998 – 2004 Technological University, Minsk, Belarus

    Equipment Specialist / Computer Support Specialist / Web Developer / Web Administrator / Designer

    - Responsibilities included identify ing, troubleshoot ing, and analyz ing computer related issues, determin ing appropriate course s of action, and conduct ing repairs, modifications, and upgrad ing internal components and peripherals as needed.

    - System administration included determin ing appropriate file system FAT, FAT32, NTFS; install ing and configur ing Operating Systems, patches and upgrades, including Windows XP, Windows 95/98/ME, MS/DOS.

    - Was responsible for install ing and configur ing software application

    - Design ed and develop ed web site

    2002 –2003 Bekhterev's clinic, Minsk , Belarus

    Archive Database Administrator.

    2003 - 2004 Joint-Stock Companies "Rosich " , Minsk, Belarus

    Computer Support Specialist / Web Developer / Designer

    - Development, design and administration of a site

    - Sale of account materials to office equipment.

    - Refuelling and restoration of cartridges for printer.

    - Repairs, modifications, and upgrade internal components of computers and peripherals.

    Developed a design for badges and posters for the championship on 100 cellular checkers. Designed business card, covers for CD and DVD, cards, calendars, posters, advertising for packages, flyers, before print preparation, professional retouch digital images.


    B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Belarussian State Technological University ( Minsk , Belarus ), 2003.

    EPSON Certificate ( Minsk , Belarus ) Expert on EPSON sale.


    I have SSN, Green Card and have the right to work in the US.

    Fast learner.

    Highly motivated hard worker.

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    Re: Поругайте резюме, please....

    Английский - это отдельная проблема.

    Самое главное не в этом - резюме у Вас нет даже близко. Резюме - это когда в словесной форме выражены некоторые устремления, причем очень конкретные. Вам рано работать над резюме и вредно на это отвлекаться. Вам надо понять какую работу Вы ищете. Тогда будет понятно какое для этого нужно резюме.

    Это пока что крик души "готов на любую работу!!!!!!!!!!" Резюме не может быть таким криком, даже если Вы и готовы действительно на любую работу.

    Для вас единственно разумным вопросом прямо сейчас был бы вопрос "помогите спозиционироваться на рынке". Резюме рядом с этим - просто пара пустяков.