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  • Оцените резюме - QA Manager

    Пожалуйста, покритикуйте резюме. Заранее благодарен за советы и конструктивную критику.

    Summary of Qualifications

    Testing techniques and methods: Business Driven Test Management, functional / black box testing, integration / system testing, migration testing, qualitative and quantitative performance testing (including load, speed, configuration testing), regression testing, risk based testing (TMap, TestFrame), structured testing.

    Automation testing tools: loadUI, soapUI, TFS, AQtime, in-house tools.

    Along with the commercial and open-source automation testing tools usage, I have designed and implemented together with software engineers various in-house testing tools which were created especially for the targeted product. This helped to customize automated tests to achieve confidence that product works exactly as it supposed to work.

    Software architectures: UML (2.x), Object Oriented Concepts, client-server architecture, distributed computing, design patterns.

    Bug tracking and Customer Support tools: Parature, in-house tool.

    Document Management Systems: Interwoven (iManage), DM51/52, DocsOpen, Worldox, Netdocs.

    Virtualization: MS Virtual PC, MS Virtual Server, Vmware, Citrix, Terminal Servers.


    XXX Corp., July 2006 – September 2010
    Document Lifecycle Management Software,
    QA Manager
    Locations: Chernihiv, Ukraine; Greensboro, NC, USA

    During my tenure with XXX Corp. I have built and organized work of the QA team and formed QA policies, procedures and standards that helped to improve products quality. I was personally responsible for the establishing, implementing and maintaining the quality of the all company’s products. Using Business Driven Test Management approach I have significantly improved testing process, which led to better client’s satisfaction and reduced product’s “time-to-market”.
    Main achievements, duties and responsibilities were as follows:
    - Recruited, coached and managed QA team;
    - Defined test strategy for the each product, including human resource assignment, test plans and test cases development, testing environments roll-out;
    - Implemented various testing techniques and methodologies depending on product architecture and feature set;
    - Assigned tasks to the QA team members and monitored the results, as well as executed tests myself;
    - Performed product’s usability assessment;
    - Provided test reports to the company’s management and product stake-holders;
    - Prioritized features and changes requests from customers in fast-paced environment;
    - Provided status updates on issues resolving progress to the customers and company’s management;
    - Performed general products overviews and suggested product enhancements;
    - Conducted demonstration, training, support and issue-investigating web-meetings with customers and prospects;
    - Maintained testing environments, administered bug tracking system;
    - Building and packaging processes, timely delivery to the customers.

    Along with the duties and responsibilities listed above I took product ownership to ensure that product meets clients’ needs, as well as it is released on schedule and is competitive on the market.
    Some of my activities include:
    - Gathered, analyzed and categorized product requirements based on market research and analysis;
    - Created product prototypes and discussed them with the development team, management and potential customers;
    - Collaborated with software engineers on product development to ensure that product corresponds to the requirements, usability and quality standards, as well as company’s product vision;
    - Designed features for existing and new products based on clients requests and market needs, communicated these features to developers, assigned tasks and monitored accomplishment of those tasks;
    - Created product documentation, such as Release Notes, Installation Notes, Configuration Guides, Best Practices, etc.;
    - Coordinated marketing team on the main product features and advantages to help define the marketing strategy;
    - Gathered customer’s feedback and analyzed it for the next product release development;
    - Coordinated with third-party vendors.

    While working in the U.S., one of my main goals was detailed understanding of client’s business process in order to improve the quality of the company’s products and better accommodate them to client's needs. Communicating with customers and participation in business meetings helped me in developing strategic business initiatives that enhanced and accelerated revenue growth.


    Passed comprehensive examinations for the Doctorate Degree May 2008

    Computer systems and networks, Master of Science June 2007
    Educational establishment: Chernihiv State Technological University, Ukraine
    Direction of training/specialty: Computer engineering

    Computer engineering, Bachelor of Science June 2005
    Educational establishment: Chernihiv State Technological University, Ukraine
    Direction of training/specialty: Computer engineering


    “The Enterprise Models of Providing Information Security”. Published in the Journal of Chernihiv State Technological University, 2007 - #30. P 202-207

    “The architecture of enterprise information security”. Proceedings of the IX International Scientific-Technical Conference (15-19 May 2007, Kiev). - K.: National Technical University of Ukraine «Kiev Polytechnic Institute», 2007


    H1b visa holder.
    U.S. driving license.
    Fluency in English.
    References are available upon request.

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    Re: Оцените резюме - QA Manager

    Не поняла, у вас уже рабочая виза и вы хотите сменить работодателя?

    Честно говоря, резюме не читаемое. Первый абзац Specialties - непонятный набор терминов. Что вы хотели этим сказать?
    Поищите примеры в интернете, всегда можно что-то хорошее найти.


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      Re: Оцените резюме - QA Manager

      Originally posted by Americanka View Post
      Не поняла, у вас уже рабочая виза и вы хотите сменить работодателя?
      Да, только я уже ушла с работы и выехала из США.
      По поводу Specialties - предполагалось что там я кратко изложу чем я занималась, но я с вами согласна и уже удалила этот параграф.
      Спасибо за советы.