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    Re: Поругайте резюме, pls

    Очередная версия, содержащая советы, любезно предоставленные Lucy и Veey

    Contact Information

    Name: Name

    Address: Address

    Phone: Phone



    Challenging position in Network Engineering where six years of extensive

    networking experience would be needed.


    Network Engineer is seeking challenging position in consulting. Strengths

    include: strong Cisco experience (Cisco Certified CCNP CCDP), more than

    6 years of overall experience in IT, 4 years of experience in systems and

    network engineering, Master degree in computer science, multiple vendor

    certifications in a variety of IT disciplines, strong analytical and

    multitasking skills.


    • Operating Systems: Familiar with UNIX (Solaris, FreeBSD), extensive

    experience in Windows (98/NT/2000/XP), extensive experience in Cisco IOS.

    • Software and tools: Cisco Works 2000 (LMS, RWAN, QPM, CVM, VMS), IRIS

    packet analyzer, Microsoft Office 97/2000/XP, Familiar with

    Lotus Domino (Notes).

    • Hardware: Cisco routers (800/1700/2600/3600/3700/7200 series), Cisco switches

    (2900/3500/6500 series), Cisco AS5350 Universal Gateways, Cisco PIX Firewall

    500 Series, Cisco IGX 8400 series WAN Switches, Cisco Aironet Wireless

    equipment (wireless bridges, access points, PC cards), RAD Network equipment

    (2100/2104 Megaplex series, RAD ASMi xDSL modems), Patton DSL modems,

    CSU/DSU’s, Excellent knowledge of all current PC Hardware components

    (IBM PC Authorized Servicer), Familiar with SUN SPARC platforms (SUN Netra

    servers), NSG 300, 500, 800 series.

    • Scripting Languages: Perl.

    • Network Protocols and Technologies: Ethernet (Fast and Gigabit Ethernet),

    Frame Relay, X25, ISDN, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, Routing protocols (IGRP, RIP, EIGRP,

    OSPF, BGP), VoIP, VPN, NAT, VLAN’s (802.1q, ISL), QoS, IPSec, SNMP.

    • Other Skills: LAN and WAN design and implementation (4+ years), Strong

    technical support background includes LAN and WAN troubleshooting,

    administration and support (4+ years), Expert Knowledge of Network Cabling

    Solutions (Certified Molex Premise Networks Professional), Extensive

    hardware and software repair experience.

    Professional Experience

    July 2002 – Present - Systems Integrator

    Position: Network Engineer (part-time PSG Consultant)


    • Network equipment configuration

    • Client support and consulting

    • LAN and WAN projects development and implementation

    Recent projects:

    - Public VoIP Telephony Solution, based on debit cards

    Customer: Some Company.

    - Configured all Cisco Systems equipment involved in project (AS5350

    universal gateways, H323 gatekeeper (based on Cisco 2651 router), two

    2950 Ethernet Switches, cisco ATA 186 voice gateways)

    - Provided technical support to customer’s engineering team, including

    trainings, targeting basic operations with Cisco equipment – dial-peers

    editing, H232 endpoints adding, TCL scripts editing.

    Environment & Tools used: Windows 2000/XP, IPSoft billing solution,

    Cisco AS5350, Cisco 2651 router, Cisco 2950

    switches, Cisco ATA 186, HP Netserver lp1000r,

    Zyxel Prestige 791 bridges, TCP/IP, H323, NTP.

    - Implementation of Cisco security solution

    Customer: Local branch of a well-known International law enforcement


    - Configured two Cisco PIX 515E Firewalls, working in failover mode with

    DMZ, to ensure safe transaction of confidential information to remote

    site, using VPN links.

    Network topology included:

    1. Mail server, placed in DMZ zone

    2. Internal users workstations, placed behind Inside firewall interface

    3. Two Ethernet layer 2 switches for outside and inside networks

    Environment & Tools used: Windows 2000/XP, Microsoft Exchange Mail server,

    Cisco PIX 515E (FO option), D-Link Ethernet

    switches, TCP/IP, VPN (IPSec, 3DES).

    - WAN solution for local commercial bank

    Customer: Some Commercial bank

    - Developed network design solution, including network architecture and

    equipment configurations

    - Conducted regular meetings with client

    - Contributed to final design documentation

    - Worked on the last stage of project implementation, providing assistance

    to team of network engineers (installation and configuration of Cisco


    Environment & Tools used: Windows 2000/XP, Cisco Works 2000 (RWAN, VMS), Cisco

    routers (1760V, 3660, 1721 series), EIGRP, TCP/IP,


    January 2002 – Present – Some Frame-relay Provider

    Position: Network Engineer


    • Office LAN administration (about 70 Ethernet ports)

    • Development plans preparation for Frame-Relay Provider's WAN

    • Frame Relay network administration and 7x24 support (about 200 WAN ports)

    • Management of all aspects of hardware implementation including acquisition,

    site preparation and installation

    • Work with clients to create business models for present and future projects

    • Responsible for configuration of Frame Relay provider's telecommunication equipment

    including IGX WAN switches, Cisco 17xx, 26xx, 36xx, 37xx routers,

    Cisco 2950, 3550 switches, NSG 300, 500, 800 series routers, RAD Megaplex


    • Responsible for administration of Cisco Works 2000 Server (RWAN, LMS, DFM,

    Solaris version)

    July 1999 – December 2001 - Some company

    Position: Service Engineer


    • Carried out pre – sale preparation of brand new computers (software

    installation - operational systems, anti-virus software,

    office applications)

    • Managed post - sale service and support (computer software and

    hardware repair)

    • Assisted in deploying small to medium TCP/IP LANs (10 – 200 hosts) for

    clients of Some company, including cabling (Coax, TP, FO),

    network properties configuration on host computers, server racks design

    and installation, users PC and network trainings

    Education and certifications:

    • CCDP – Cisco Certified Design Professional (since Nov.2003)

    • CCDA – Cisco Certified Design Associate (since Sep.2003)

    • CCNP – Cisco Certified Network Professional (since Jul.2003)

    • CCNA – Cisco Certified Network Associate (since May.2002)

    • IBM PC Authorized Servicer (since Dec.2000)

    • MS in Computer Science, Technical University of Moldova (Jun.1999)


    • Structured Cabling Systems, Molex Premise Networks (Kiev, UA) (May.2003)

    • ICND – Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices (Moscow, RU) (Dec.2002)

    • IBM ThinkPad problem determination, IBM Netfinity servers hardware

    repair and problem determination, IBM Client Systems Service Training

    (IBM Training Center, Moscow, RU) (Dec.2000)

    References available upon request


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      Re: Поругайте резюме, pls

      Mikhail Popov писал(а) Mon, 30 January 2006 10:27
      Banzai писал(а) Mon, 30 January 2006 00:19
      Я читал ваши руководства по составлению резюме, примеры выставленные в вашей коллекции резюме, однако, очевидно, этого не достаточно...
      Я это вижу, поэтому и говорю, что 20 минут, а не начать и кончить. Если скините в виде файла, то я своей рукой подредактирую. Посоднржанию не компетентен, а по форме и по языку - без проблем.

      Спасибо огромное, Михаил! Резюме ушло на ваш e-mail.

      Еще раз огромное спасибо!


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        Re: Поругайте резюме, pls

        Banzai писал(а) Mon, 30 January 2006 01:23
        Резюме ушло на ваш e-mail.
        Не видать


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          Re: Поругайте резюме, pls

          Mikhail Popov писал(а) Tue, 31 January 2006 05:33
          Banzai писал(а) Mon, 30 January 2006 01:23
          Резюме ушло на ваш e-mail.
          Не видать

          Повторил отправку. Прошу прощения - что-то с почтой, yahoo как то странно себя ведет...