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Обсуждаем резюме - Engineering Electronic Technician


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  • Обсуждаем резюме - Engineering Electronic Technician

    Desired Industry: Electronics

    Desired Job Location: California

    Type of Position: Full-Time Permanent

    Desired Wage: 50,000+ /year

    Job Level: Experienced with over 11 years experience

    Highest Degree Attained: Bachelors


    Seeking Employment as an Engineering Electronic Technician

    Work Experience:

    - Practical Electronic Engineer: (TeraSync)

    Set up test procedures, performed testing of various electronic circuit boards, checkout and data entry. Built and set up equipment, prepared and conducted experiments. Performed design tests for engineering. Troubleshot down to component level defective boards. Reworked of thru-hole and surface mount as required. Analyzed field failures and recommended corrective actions as required. Wrote test procedures and work instructions.

    Inspected components to ensure they meet QA standards and product specifications.

    Designed test fixtures, assembled experimental circuitry-breadboard and built prototype and production items, built assemblies per detailed engineering drawings including circuit board assembly.

    Experienced with all lab test and assembly equipment, including, digital voltmeters, ammeters, ohmmeter, digital and analog oscilloscopes. Repaired and calibrated signal generators, frequency counters, multimeters, etc. Typically trained other Practical Engineers and Technicians.

    - Engineering Test Technician: (ZICON)

    Performed moderately complex repetitive testing, checkout, troubleshooting and repairing defective boards, work on ICT test programs to troubleshoot the boards on failures and defects. Performed functional and operational tests on electronic sub-assemblies, printed circuit boards and complex systems to determine compliance to performance specifications.

    - Electronical Repair Technician: (ISFAR – Sony)

    Performed component level diagnosis and repair of audio-video Consumer Electronics.


    BSc, Riazan Electronic Engineering Military School.


    Test Equipment Repair, troubleshooting to the component level of analog and digital circuits. Circuit board fabrication. Good hand-eye coordination, skilled hands. SMT and thru-hole soldering /desordering excellent skills. Familiarity with assembly techniques. Ability to work on a variety of products. Ability to read, understand and interpret engineering drawings and schematics, diagrams, test parameters. Modifying and reviewing Bills of Material for Circuit

    Card Assemblies. Proficiency with Windows/NT operating systems, MS Word and Excel. QA Inspector. Experience in Board assembly manufacturing. Capability of working independently and with minimal supervision and/or direction.


    TeraSync - Total System Timing and Synchronization Solutions for Telecom equipment.

    Supervisors: CEO xxxxxxxx …

    Candidate Contact Information:

    Name: xxxxxxx

    Street: Phone: 847-97301535

    City: Sacramento Fax:

    State: California E-mail:

    Zip: 60041

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    Re: Покритикуйте резюме (electronics technician)

    Bachelor's of Science

    Dates of Employement, places of employment?