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покритикуйте, плз мое резюме.


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  • покритикуйте, плз мое резюме.

    Name: Sergey Smeyan
    Address: Moscow
    Tel.: +7 964 712 74 59
    Salary: 25$ per hour

    Objective: to secure a contactor position.


    Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering
    Moscow university of environmental engineering
    1996 to 2000

    Technician degree in mechanical engineering
    Moscow automobile College
    1992 to 1995


    2009 School of ethics and politics of God Aton.
    2009 School of Scouts of Shambhala.
    2013 School of the Son of God in the world To.

    Titles and awards.

    Prince of Agarty.
    Prince of The Elves.
    Prince of Shambhala

    About 40 medals from the secret service of awards for good work in the world Ko.

    Work Experience.

    2009- present time. Agent of the God Aton.

    Designed the future of humanity, led the investigation of crimes of various States and special services. Communicate telepathically with Aliens and intelligences of mankind. He negotiated with Anuaks about the conditions of slavery of mankind and the amount of taxes Anuaks. Helped create three new religion with a religious Committee of Nibiru.

    2013 - present time Agent of the God RA.

    Designed the future of planet Earth and the Solar system. Worked as an ethical sales Manager in trading of humanity with Aliens. Helped found the UN division on trade with Aliens and helped to sell the technology of roller skates to Aliens.

    2007-present time. Space police Agent.

    Operational work to identify people who commit crimes with powers of the mind. Development of a gang of murderers. Verification of passports, the Aliens, the recording of observations in passports.

    2010- present time. Senior agent for Space investigation.

    Under the guidance of Nibiru helped create new forms of life using the energies of the Space intelligence. As a gardener helped to create three new light world and to organize new Alien intelligence on the creation of the light worlds.

    2012 - present time. Senior officer of the world To.

    As the Creator of the world helped To create new life forms, new forms of life, new patterns of living space. Helped to create masterpieces with songs — new species of birds like bullfinches and chicken.

    2009 - present time. Agent of Agarty.

    Work with plants, assistance in conclusion of contracts. Development of new designers of life.

    2014 — present time. Agent of Anuaks with a single gift.

    Waged war against the destructive civilizations. Helped to develop the ideology and political model for the Empire of Anuaks.

    2015 — present time. Police agent of Experiment.

    Waged war against the destructive civilizations, prolevel negotiations and protection of the Experiment Ema, the Keeper of which I am.

    2012 — present time. Keeper of The Universe.

    Together with the other Keepers helped to develop primitive civilizations that live in the Universe. Gifting planets of the Universe worthy of civilizations.

    2014 — present time. Keeper of Era.

    Era is a structure of living space equels 1000 Universes. The war against destructive civilizations, enemies of Era. Develop policy models for residents of Era: Sprites and Sand Worms.

    2016 - present time. The agent of Nibiru K. Nibira To for ratings was provided to me by the Equipment for telepathy.

    2016 - present time. The agent of Nibiru M. In the field my responsebility was happiness for Aliens who were put in prisons.

    2017 - present time. Agent of Nibiru KM. I am engaged in happiness for Hierarches of Darkness who sit in prisons.

    2017 - present time. Senior prince of the empire Diamonds. I have helped to develop ideology of the empire which includes about two million centers. Each center has the King and it eternity of living reasonable beings.

    2017 - present time. Deputy of the administration of guild of gardeners. The organization of work of guild of Gardeners, is included into guild about hundred thousand Gardeners of Aliens.


    God Aton.

    Successes and achievements

    Designed the future of humanity.
    Designed the future of the Slavs.
    Designed the future of the Jews.
    Designed the future of the Indians of Mexico.
    Designed the future of the Black sea Dolphins.
    Earned billions of alien money.
    Helped sell roller skates UN, the Aliens for trillions of dollars.
    Helped to create a new Universe.
    Helped to create new races of intelligent Beings.
    Helped to create new species of plants.
    Helped to create new musical worlds.
    Helped to create the light worlds in the Solar system.
    Organized three new Alien intelligences on a global level.
    I worked for three major new project for humanity and developed their ideology.
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